About Benchmark Strategy Group

Benchmark supports clients in achieving each of three main objectives – growing organically and inorganically, improving performance, and capturing value. Our unique combination of experience as business leaders, management consultants, and investment bankers provide clients an expert, pragmatic differentiated viewpoint.

Benchmark Growth

  • Commercial Diligence
  • Corporate Development
  • M&A Advisory
  • “Pre-Diligence”
  • Revenue Optimization

Benchmark Performance

  • Distressed Consulting/Turnaround
  • “Lean Boost” Step-Change Improvements
  • Post-Acquisition Integration
  • Post-Acquisition Planning
  • Sales Force Effectiveness

Benchmark Returns

  • Prep for Exit
  • Sell-Side Market Analysis
  • “Build to Value” Strategies
  • Sell-Side Assistance

A Working Style Aligned with Shareholder
and Management Interests

Our goal is to help clients identify and realize lasting value. We work at all levels of our client organizations to understand value drivers and identify and implement both quick-win solutions and long-term strategies. The Benchmark team understands that many of our clients are often challenged with scarce resources and look forward to providing the extra horsepower and focus organizations often need to drive change. We strive to bring a distinctive approach to serving our clients:

Compensation to match results

Flexible staffing model
Outcomes over analyses

Result oriented

Our Team’s Recent Impact/Results


Safety Products Distributor

Conducted a five-week market segmentation analysis to support the Offering Memorandum for a distributor of safety and related products. Identified additional growth opportunities that management then built into their plans, mapped out growth rates, market shares, critical buying factors for a very large number of customer segments. Found data to support management’s intuition about its leadership positions. Resulted in a successful recapitalization and significant value realization by the equity sponsor. […]


Heavy Equipment Component Supplier

Led post-acquisition strategy development for a cast component supplier. Prioritized investments needed, identified and sequenced strategic priorities. Within 6 months of our strategic planning workshops, the leadership team had doubled in size with the addition of key resources defined during the workshop and booked sales increased by 2X – primarily driven by highest margin product offerings. […]


Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Conducted an accelerated market and company diligence to inform investment committee during early pre-LOI conversations. Delivered insights and key questions in advance of management meetings, allowing the PE internal resources leverage needed to prioritize potential acquisition targets. […]


Roof Tile Manufacturer

A $500 million manufacturer was struggling with an 80% collapse in market demand. Together we delivered a 16% spend reduction over the course of several months. We eliminated outside spend where appropriate and renegotiated long term supply contracts at reduced rates in other cases. Significant cash savings from the project became visible within eight weeks of launch. […]


Custom Liquids Manufacturer

For a financial sponsor, assessed the market growth prospects, identified growth drivers, and delivered actionable growth levers. Evaluated target’s ability to achieve returns within specified holding period and recommended tools/relationships needed to accelerate growth potential. […]


Capital Equipment Manufacturer

Increase cash flow by 40% for a $200 million company with strong margins in a low-growth market. Initial analyses identified over 200 improvement ideas from across the business. The four-month effort winnowed these to 44 initiatives worth $12.5 million per year – at 6 percent, twice the original improvement target. Full implementation was completed within six months (ahead of schedule). […]


Legacy Media Company

Led the financial and then operational restructuring of a PE-owned legacy print and e-commerce company to retain maximum equity value for shareholders. Identified salable assets, vendor management, payroll changes. Successfully steered the company to breakeven after initial forecasts indicated less than six weeks of cash remaining. […]


Engineered Material Solution Provider

Led corporate strategy review and subsequent revitalization of a $3B publicly-traded electronics and engineered materials manufacturer over a three year period. Scope included: refocusing of business unit strategies and corporate strategy (including R&D and M&A efforts). Initiatives facilitated a share price improvement of more than 3X. […]