Product Offerings

Our teams bring consulting and line management experience to bear on every engagement. We serve clients in M&A-related activities, organic growth & strategy, and operations improvements. Our services include engagements as brief as a two-week pre-diligence to help investors build commitment about pursuing a target acquisition and a long as multi-month iterative rapid profit improvement projects designed to deliver implemented, measurable results on important topics within 100 days. Every project is designed to deliver distinctive results.

Commercial Due Diligence

Comprehensive micro and macro analysis of target company’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, opportunity and outlook. Distinctive insights based on our team’s prior line management roles in many sectors.

Full Potential Analysis

Diagnostic to assess cash flow improvement potential followed by implementation of quick hits and sequencing of actions necessary to capture identified opportunity.

“Lean Boost”

Operational improvement diagnostic and implementation program designed to achieve quick results and drive results-oriented organizational change.

M&A Opportunity Identification & Execution

Rapid identification and assessment of feasibility of potential acquisition targets serving a pre-defined strategic objective.

Portfolio Assessment

Independently evaluate a client’s corporate strengths, weaknesses, and market prospects. Recommend and help execute portfolio changes.

Post-Acquisition Growth Strategy

Actionable near-term strategy for rapid growth post acquisition. Strategy developed alongside portfolio company management to maximize results.


Preliminary view of market and competitive dynamics synthesized to support initial investor committee meetings and build conviction.

Sell-Side Market Study

Independent micro and macro analysis of company’s strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunity – clarifying the company’s outlook for potential buyers.


Develop, refine, and implement strategic priorities within business units and across an organization.