How We Work

  Our clients hire us because they find our combined business judgment and analytical skills uniquely effective in driving results at all levels of the organization. Our projects deliver outstanding results for three reasons:

We tie operating data to financial data.

 Often a critical disconnect in organizations, we bridge this gap by carefully integrating operating data with financial data to reveal the most promising areas for improvement.

We build absolute commitment in your organization. 

 We work at all levels of the organization to build absolute commitment. Responsible parties draft action plans for each initiative and sign them as performance contracts.

We track actions and delivered results.

 Our purpose-built software allows clients to track both actions and impact to cash flow at the most detailed level. Client executives are certain of the results our projects achieve.

  vertical_line   “Benchmark helped one of our portfolio companies get focused quickly. We clearly see results from the new priorities shared by the CEO, the board and the managers.”
Rene Eichenberger, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Crossbow Ventures
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